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Provytl 50+ was created in response to a wealth of scientific evidence that older adults need to consume more protein than younger people to maintain muscle mass and strength, and to stay healthy and active for longer.

Drawing from multiple studies, we also added 1g creatine to help you reap the benefits of enhanced muscle strength and cognitive performance.


Protein is one of the three macronutrients that enable your body to remain healthy and function properly; the other two are carbohydrates and fat. It’s vital for muscle maintenance and strength, as well as a host of other critical biological functions. But studies show that as we age, we need to consume more protein.

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The benefits of protein

Building and repairing tissues
Protein is an essential component of skin, muscle, bone, and other tissues. It is vital for a range of critical biological functions.

Protect against sarcopenia
Studies show that as we get older our body begins to lose muscle mass and strength (“sarcopenia”), so we need more protein to compensate.

Aid muscle protein synthesis
A higher protein intake supports muscle protein synthesis (where the body rebuilds and repairs muscle tissue from amino acids), which slows down as we age.

How much protein do we need?

Recent studies recommend that older adults should be consuming between 1.2-1.5g per kilogram of bodyweight (0.6-0.8g per pound). That’s nearly twice the current recommended daily amount (RDA) guidance for adults in general.

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Creatine is a substance that is found naturally within our body and in our diet. It helps to produce Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the most basic form of cellular energy, which provides the fuel our bodies need to accomplish physical and metabolic tasks. And recent studies show that protein supplementation with creatine may have a beneficial effect.

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the benefits of CREATINE

Aids muscle repair and maintenance
Studies show that Creatine can improve muscle function and help to increase ageing muscle health and strength.

Improve cognitive performance and memory
Studies suggest that Creatine has a beneficial effect on memory and recall, and can help to increase neuroprotection.

Enhance bone mineral density
Studies suggest that Creatine can support bone mass and strength, contributing to protection against osteoporosis.

How much creatine do we need?

Studies suggest that we need to restore 1-3g creatine per day* (depending on our muscle mass). Around 1g creatine per day usually comes from our diet (depending on meat and fish consumption), and the rest is made by our body.

About Creatine

*International society of sports nutrition position stand: safety and efficacy of creatine supplementation in exercise, sport, and medicine. Kreider et al. J of Int Soc of Sports Nutrition 2017 14: 18

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