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Mandy’s Story

I first heard about Provytl 50+ via Instagram and started taking it around nine months ago. It was the first time I’d read anything about the protein requirements for over 50s and how it can help to support muscle and bone strength as you get older. That’s really important to me, as I’m quite active – I play tennis every week, do yoga regularly and I like walking. Before starting with Provytl, I’d generally skip breakfast, have a tuna sandwich for lunch, then a meat-based evening meal – but I’d find myself snacking more than I should. Now I start the day with Provytl in a fresh fruit smoothie – which means I’m fuller for longer and less prone to reaching for a packet of crisps or a biscuit late morning. As a result I’ve lost over 7kg and my hair seems to have more body. Friends keep asking me what kind of diet I’m on. I tell them I’m not on a diet – I’m on Provytl! The other big benefit is that I feel much more energised and I no longer get that afternoon lull. To anyone thinking about taking a protein supplement, I’d suggest they go to Provytl’s protein calculator on the website – you’ll be surprised by how much protein you need and what a different it can make.

Mandy, age range 50-55

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