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Annabel’s Story

I’ve been taking Provytl 50+ for 10 months, after hearing about it from friends. I’m very active – running, Peloton, dog walking – and life can be stressful at times, so I try to look after my health and my body as much as I can. I already follow a healthy pathway, with plenty of animal protein, fruit and veg (although I probably snack too much on chocolate and I drink wine!), but I was interested to see what different a protein supplement might make. Before I started reading up on Provytl, I wasn’t really aware of the importance of extra protein for over 50s or the actual amount I should be aiming for. According to the protein calculator on their website my daily target should be 72-80g, so I now take Provytl after every workout, either just with water or in a smoothie if I have time. It’s a really easy way of making sure I’m taking in enough protein without having to rethink my usual meals – and it’s just become part of my general regime now. I can’t pinpoint specific benefits, except a sense of wellbeing which I think comes from knowing I’m giving my body what it needs at this age. I’ve already recommended it to my dad as a good source of protein. To anyone else considering Provytl 50+, I’d say read the science – it just makes sense!

Annabel, age range 50-55

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